About Us

How We Started

Tim Gallagher and son Greyson, holding his heart.

In the fall of 2014, 1heart2lives key sponsor Tim Gallagher suffered a life-altering heart attack that damaged his heart’s ability to sustain life. After a harrowing time of declining health before being accepted as a heart transplant candidate, just a few days before Christmas, he became one of the fortunate few to receive a new heart, from an anonymous heart donor. With the gift of a second life, Tim is now an outspoken advocate for the American Heart Association and heart-centric issues that impact all of us, and those that we love. By volunteering time and resources to improve the health and lives of others, we all increase our opportunity for a second chance.

Heart disease and Stroke are the #1 and #5 causes of death in the United States, and it often strikes when we least expect it. 1heart2lives refers not just to those who need a new heart to survive, but to those who’ve adopted an improved lifestyle and/or are taking steps to better manage their heart-health: whether it be eating those veggies, walking that extra mile, or quitting smoking. 1heart2lives exists to create a community of those affected by heart disease, and to support the incredible organizations, like the American Heart Association, whose mission is to educate, conduct research, and work tirelessly to provide us with life sustaining support for our hearts.

1heart2lives is a community of those who have been affected by heart disease, as well as their loved ones. The purchase of any item from 1heart2lives shop creates a generous donation to the American Heart Association, or other heart-related charitable organizations.

You can learn more about Tim’s story and 1heart2lives in the video below.

Our Approach

Our goals are to raise awareness and donations for Heart Health Research. We share real stories from survivors about their Heart Events, stories from families who have donated or received a donated Heart, and articles about new findings and technologies that save lives.

Stories with Heart

Stories with Heart carries a significant impact as it is the first-hand account from a Heart Event survivor. Each story is special in that it is coming from the survivor and unique as nobody can predict when a Heart Event will strike.


Heart Disease affects everybody regardless of age, status, sex, or race. Through our efforts, we have been building a connected community of families who are united in through their hearts and experiences.

Heart Health Resources

We value the members of our community and pay special attention to the value that we can bring to the conversation. We feature articles about scientific advancements in the heart health field, new research about ways to protect your heart, posts from guest bloggers, ideas for improving and maintaining your health, and interesting stories related to heart health.